Best Pallet™

3D Engineering Design Tool

Best Pallet™ is a pallet design software tool for packaging professionals, buyers and end users that allows you to:

Best Pallet

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Best Pallet™ provides a structural design and analysis tool for all wooden pallets. Developed by  Dr. Marshall White, and his team of experts at Virginia Tech’s Center for Unit Load Design.  Best Pallet™’s 3-D mathematical model is based on over 30 years of research in the scientific principles of wood properties and systems-based design.  With Best Pallet, our users have one flat fee. No added memberships or dues are required.

The software gives the user the ability to

Design stringer and block pallets

Analyze wooden pallet structures

Calculate Maximum safe load weight

Analyze racking and stacking strength and stiffness

Access multiple common pallet designs

Choose from multiple wood species

Create specs with graphics

Design in US customary S1 metric units

Convert to PDF

Lease Best Pallet™

Best Pallet™ is now available for annual lease, with discounts available for multiple licenses. Technical support and software updates are available during the entire one year lease period.

Free Demonstration

A free trial of Best Pallet™ is now available. Review our brief overview video to see how the software works. The trial allows you three program analyses.

About Best Pallet

Watch the videos below for a tutorial on using Best Pallet to design and analyze unit loads.

Best Pallet™ Video Demo